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A life on salmon rivers around the world, thousands of fishing days and an obsession to be more effective. Innovating the art of salmon fishing – catching more and bigger fish with better swimming flies led to the introduction of SALAR Rods and Reels. Mikael Frodin is a perfectionist and demand the absolute best in all details, everything that can be improved should be improved. Frodin Flies asked ourselves; is it possible to make
tackle that will outperform everything they had ever tried?

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The fly rod is a highly technical instrument that has to be developed with utter precision to perform with excellence. SALAR S3 are deep-action, hard-kicking rods that create loops carrying your fly the distance, precisely to where you want it. A natural extension of your body, not only to feel the fly swim but to enhance the sensation of that big fish aggressively grabbing your fly and turning downstream. The short cigar-shaped handle and the classic red butt are designed for optimal ergonomic position to transform the
movement into the maximum amount of power without wearing you out. With a tremendous kick and unmatched sensibility – SALAR S3 Rods are tools of power, tools of joy! Made of the latest Japanese and Korean materials in what many recons the best rod factory in the world.

SALAR 'Burgundy' Reels
A classic salmon reel is something to treasure and to share memories with through generations. The SALAR 'Burgundy' Reels are our second series where classic traditions meet innovative engineering. Every millimeter is considered: from the sealed disc drag system, salt water resistant aluminum and dropformed braking adjustment to the classy burgundy side plates, polished oval rims, ivory replica S-handle and brass details – all make a reel that withstands the forces of nature and ages with beauty. Thousands of
fish have already been caught with these reliable "workhorses", even great salmon up to 50+ lbs. SALAR Reels are the toughest of the toughest – they spin like panthers and take a beating like a grizzly! Made in German state of the art reel factory in collaboration with Ralf Vosseler.

Recommended Set-Ups -

SALAR S3 10ft Single Handed Rod
• SALAR Reel One
• SALAR Backing 30Lbs
• Class #7/8

SALAR S3 12ft 6in Double Handed Rod
• SALAR Reel Two
• SALAR Backing 40lbs
• Class #8/9

SALAR S3 14ft Double Handed Rod
• SALAR Reel Three
• SALAR Backing 60lbs
• Class #9/10

SALAR S3 15ft Double Handed Rod
• SALAR Reel Four
• SALAR Backing 80lbs
• Class #10/11

SALAR S3 16ft Double Handed Rod
• SALAR Reel Four
• SALAR Backing 80lbs
• Class #10/12 Read less

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