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At John Norris, we feature a variety of men's breeks carefully selected from premier brands such as Barbour, Deerhunter, Hoggs Of Fife, Schoffel, Seeland, and more.

The importance of donning a top-notch pair of breeks is apparent when you're out in the field. Our country clothing collection, particularly our men's breeks, includes items with a diverse range of features crafted to deliver both protection and a stylish look.

From upgraded protective elements to impeccable aesthetics, our range guarantees that you are well-prepared for whatever challenges the British weather may present.

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Deerhunter Pro Gamekeeper Breeks - Turf


£119.99 £107.99

Deerhunter Pro Gamekeeper Breeks - Peat


£119.99 £107.99

Hoggs of Fife Carrick Moleskin Breeks

Hoggs of Fife

£59.95 £53.95