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Explore comfort and protection in the great outdoors with our collection of men's Overtrousers and Leggings at John Norris. Whether you're navigating through rugged terrains, facing unpredictable weather during outdoor activities, or simply want an extra layer for warmth, our range offers versatile options.

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Crafted with quality materials and attention to detail, our men's Overtrousers and Leggings provide the perfect balance of functionality and style. From waterproof features for wet conditions to insulating properties for chilly days, discover the ideal complement to your outdoor wardrobe. Stay comfortable, dry, and ready for any adventure with our curated selection of men's Overtrousers and Leggings. Read less

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Hoggs of Fife Waxed Treggings - Olive

Hoggs of Fife

£37.95 £33.99

Hoggs of Fife Waxed Leggings - Olive

Hoggs of Fife

£29.95 £26.95

Seeland Buckthorn Overtrousers


£119.99 £101.99

Hoggs of Fife Waxed Overtrousers - Olive

Hoggs of Fife

£39.95 £35.95

Seeland Buckthorn Leggings


£64.99 £54.99