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Qualified engineer Paul Burgess was exasperated during the late ‘80s at the quality of PVC fly line technology. So, the keen fly fisher decided to combine his passion and skills, eventually changing how modern fly lines are made across the globe. Now, over two decades later, Paul’s company Airflo is the world’s leading manufacturer of solvent-free fly lines.

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Paul’s original move away from traditional tower systems to fly lines featuring computer-controlled technology has changed the very landscape of the industry. Fly lines featuring Paul’s equipment were able to allow for production accuracy control never before thought possible. Fast forward to today, and Airflo’s specialist team has pioneered incredible innovations that has put Airflo above and beyond its competitors.

Airflo has previously introduced the first ever welded loops on fly lines, polyurethane coatings, low-stretch cores, and the world’s first density-compensated fly lines. Though Airflo didn't create the fly line, Airflo’s creativity and invention continues to improve fly fishers’ experiences the world over. Each innovation is no gimmick; rather, breakthroughs that offer vast improvements to perfect the fly fishing experience. Consider Airflo’s ridged coatings, for example, that improve shootability while reducing surface friction. Airflo’s commitment to green technology sees them using coatings that are much kinder to the environment than the average fishing companies.

Airflo’s commitment to polyurethane is borne of a desire to use a material unaffected by UV, doesn’t leach solvents and, ultimately, lasts longer than solvent-based PVC. Airflo is proud of its fly lines. More importantly though Airflo is proud to have been with fly fishers of all ages and backgrounds for decades to provide them with the technology and innovation to perfect their fly fishing experience.

Checkout our Airflo Size Guide to help you select the correct fit for your Airflo Fishing Clothing.

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