Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

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Costa Del Mar produce sunglasses that are designed by fishermen, for fishermen. In 1983, a group of dedicated fishermen realised that their sunglasses were not living up to their needs and set out making the best sunglasses money can buy. They succeeded and 30 years later, owning a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses is a must for any fisherman who wants to experience a fishing season the best way possible.

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The 580P lenses are the best plastic lenses available and Costa Del Mar class them as their greatest achievement to date. Being impact and scratch resistant, repelling water & oils and blocking yellow light, all of Costa Del Mar’s fishing sunglasses are a step above the rest. Each pair provides 100% protection from UV light and the polarization technology effectively eliminates reflective glare. All of the items on the John Norris Costa Del Mar range are of the highest quality, so why not place your order today to avoid disappointment? Read less

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