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Pennine has directed its focus toward crafting socks tailored for outdoor activities such as hunting, shooting, and fishing. Leveraging nearly 170 years of accumulated experience and expertise, Pennine has curated a distinctive collection of socks renowned globally for their blend of style, comfort, and performance.

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In the contemporary landscape, Pennine stands as an independent, family-operated business, steadfastly anchored in the values initially set forth by Sarah Bamkin. The company continues to engage skilled traditional knitters, linkers, and trimmers, employing time-honored techniques passed down through generations. This commitment ensures Pennine's standing as the preeminent creator of country and shooting socks worldwide. Read less

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Pennine Byron Shooting Socks - Ruby


£29.95 £26.95

Pennine Regent Shooting Socks - Orange


£56.95 £50.99