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Should you be fly fishing with Strike Indicators? YES! Put your wet flies and Nymphs under an indicator to give you the ability to suspend your presentation anywhere in the water column. Our selection of Indicators are designed for both Stillwater and River Fishing and they can be a great way to boost your catch-rate. Try one ..... you'll never know how many subtle takes you're missing until you've tried them!

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Our selection includes a variety of fly fishing strike indicators designed for both Still Water and river fishing. Our collection of Tippet Rings from the likes of Guideline and Loon are for for all kinds of Sea Trout, Salmon and Pike Fishing. They're small, strong and lightweight and make rigging and tippet replacement fast and easy. Make sure you have them in your Tackle Box. Read less

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Vision Strike Right Indicator


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Rio Tippet Rings



Loon Biostrike



New Zealand Indicator Wool

New Zealand Strike Indicator Co


Fulling Mill Bung Pack

Fulling Mill


Fulling Mill Strike Indicators

Fulling Mill