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For outdoor enthusiasts, a good quality pair of outdoor footwear is a must have. Here at John Norris we provide a wide range of essential footwear accessories to keep your boots or shoes in excellent condition for as long as possible, ensuring your footwear lasts for years to come.

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We stock various footwear sprays and creams that will protect your boots from rain, moisture, mud or general wear and tear. Leather boots should be waxed or polished regularly to condition the skin, as this will help them maintain their condition for much longer. Zips can also become damaged or rust if they are not cared for properly.

If you've invested in a good pair of wellingtons or leather boots, you may be interested in picking up a welly bag or boot bag to store them in. Not only do these protect your wellies, they also help to protect your car from mud and dirt after a long outdoor walk.

Among our footwear accessories you'll also find handy essentials such as boot chains to maintain grip in icy conditions, welly socks to keep your feet warm in cold weather, and Dubarry Footbed insoles that'll help improve comfort. Read less

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Jack Pyke Pheasant Socks - Green

Jack Pyke

£19.95 £16.95

Jack Pyke Harlequin Socks - Green/Gold

Jack Pyke

£24.95 £20.99

Jack Pyke Pheasant Socks - Burgundy

Jack Pyke

£19.95 £16.95

Jack Pyke Wellington Boot Socks

Jack Pyke

£14.95 £12.70

Barbour Endurance Gaiters


£59.95 £46.99

Jack Pyke Shooting Sock Garters

Jack Pyke

£5.95 £4.99

Jack Pyke Boot Puller

Jack Pyke

£5.25 £4.45

Jack Pyke Quick Fit Garters

Jack Pyke

£7.95 £6.75

Barbour Mavin Sock - Navy Pheasant


£9.95 £7.95

50% OFF
Harkila Trail Socks


£24.99 £11.99

Jack Pyke Wellington Boot Bag

Jack Pyke

£21.95 £18.65

Barbour Mavin Sock - Red Pheasant


£9.95 £7.45

Jack Pyke Waterproof Gaiters

Jack Pyke

£29.95 £24.99

Barbour Wellington Calf Socks - Navy


£17.95 £12.55

Hoggs of Fife Field and Trek Gaiters

Hoggs of Fife

£27.95 £25.15

Snowbee Wet Sacks


£19.99 £15.99

Jack Pyke Plain Shooting Socks - Red

Jack Pyke

£19.95 £16.95

Deerhunter Game Socks - Dark Elm


£8.99 £8.09

Le Chameau Wooden Boot Jack

Le Chameau


Deerhunter Hemp Mix Socks - Green


£10.99 £9.89

Wrendale Designs Ladies Hopeful Socks

Wrendale Designs

£8.00 £6.40

Wrendale Designs Ladies Oops a Daisy Socks

Wrendale Designs

£8.00 £6.40

Henry Wag Dog Treat Travel Bag

Henry Wag

£14.99 £12.70

Wrendale Designs Ladies The Wooly Jumper Socks

Wrendale Designs

£8.00 £6.40

Deerhunter Hemp Mix Ankle Socks - Green


£9.99 £8.99

Vision Replacement Wader Laces


£6.99 £6.29

Hoggs of Fife Field and Trek Boot Bag

Hoggs of Fife

£19.95 £17.95

Wychwood Boot Bag


£49.99 £37.50

Grangers G-Wax