Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received the item and am very happy with it. You may be interested to know that as someone who is buying this as a gift for someone else I was a little unsure about what it was that made this better than a much cheaper one. Obviously it’s handcrafted, but in terms of size and weight it was really hard to get an idea of the difference online. In the end I also ordered a “Shakespeare Priest” from another company just in case that was as good as this one (and I’m sorry to admit that I would then have sent the John Norris one back to you for a refund!), but as it turns out there is no comparison – the John Norris one is far far better quality. I’m only letting you know this as I just wonder if it may help for customers like me to be able to see some sort of comparison in size or weight against the much cheaper options. Or perhaps some more info to say that it is heavier duty or stronger than cheaper ones, as my concern was that I was paying all that extra just for the hand crafted aspect (which is not to say that that isn’t a great aspect of it, but for me I wanted a good sturdy looking item). Anyway, that’s just my feedback, very happy with the item and thanks for helping prior to the purchase also. Benjie