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Shooting ear protection is often overlooked by people who go shooting.  However, shooting without adequate hearing protection could damage your hearing irreparably. At John Norris we understand the importance of protecting your hearing when shooting, and stock a variety of ear protectors.

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We stock Deben and Sonic earplugs, which offer great protection from harmful noise. With a handy carry case and connecting cord, these earplugs are a discreet and convenient way to protect your hearing when shooting.

Ear muff protectors are probably the most popular and protective form of ear protection. They block harmful sound effectively and prevent damage to the eardrums. Our ear muff protectors are from leading brand Deben and come in a range of styles. Depending on your preference, we have electronic and non electronic options, and we also stockcarry cases to keep your ear protectors safe when not in use.

Also available at John Norris are children’s ear protectors. Peltor Kid’s earmuffs are an absolute necessity if you take children with you when shooting, as children’s ears are very sensitive and can be damaged more easily by harmful sounds. Available in a variety of bright colours, the kids will love them.  Read less

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Jack Pyke

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