Paul Blundell

Hi and a merry Christmas to you all at John Norris. Well for the second year running, the fat man in red and white with the big beard has done me proud. Just took delivery of the Ashcombe cap, trousers and jacket. Why am I so pleased, well with short legs, bigger belly than I should have and probably the most awkward body to get stuff to fit. Unpacking my parcel, hoping at least one piece would fit, I got stripped off and tried it all on. The cap, fitted. The jacket, well, fitted great, loved it. Now for the bit I thought no way would fit. I put the trousers on and although a little bit long but will sit on my boots a treat, fitted so nice. Modelled it for the misses and even she said how well it all fitted. Just a note to say thank you so much, it can now rain as hard as it blooming well likes till the end of the season, I'm staying warm and dry thanks to Jack Pyke and you at John Norris. Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a great new year, thanks again, Paul Blundell.