Alex Schneideman

Dear Mr Norris, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how thrilled I am at the way I have been treated by everyone Iメve come into contact with in your company. For many years my father and I have fished together in Scotland. Living in London as we do we always factor in a stop at your shop in Penrith as an essential part of our trip. Over the years I have bought everything from waders and boots to rods, reels, flies, wading sticks etc. etc. This June we travelled up to the Lochy and, as we always do, stopped at Penrith. For some years we have suffered from very low water on the Lochy and, as an ムinsuranceメ against this I bought a Hardy Zenith 9ft 7 weight rod and a reel and line to go with it. As it turned out no insurance was necessary and we had a great week with good water throughout. One thing was clear though, that the little Zenith would be no use to me on that river. I decided to see if there was anything that could be done about it – knowing that it was my fault for choosing the rod and to my amazement Mark said that it was no problem, to send it back and to choose another one. I dithered, I procrastinated, I put Mark through the hoops – he was always charming and helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Eventually I was handed over to the girls in sales and the great experience continued. I ordered a new rod – a Zenith 9ft 5wt – and it was Fedexed to me but arrived a day late because Fedex couldnメt work out my address. Nevertheless I received a refund for the delivery. The two Sarahメs, Kelly and Kirsty have all been a joy to deal with. They have been so helpful. Lastly, I can honestly say that I have never received customer service like this and will tell everyone that shopping at John Norris is like combining a trip to the ultimate fishing ムsweet shopメ with Negly Farson himself holding your hand whilst choosing the tackle and flies. Please convey my thanks to all your staff and then thank you for creating such a wonderful business. Yours sincerely, Alex Schneideman