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With the British summer now in full swing the number of salmon entering the Solway river systems has remained positive. The Eden, Border Esk, Nith and Annan are seeing big numbers of Salmon moving through their systems and many of them in the high teens of pounds, the other really good news is the amount of Sea Trout being seen and sometimes caught.  Across the border the river Tyne has seen massive numbers of fish moving through the fish counter at Riding Mill with a total of 18000 recorded. This remarkable number of fish is a near one hundred percent increase on the average fish counter for June and with any luck is a sign of great things to come for the Tyne this year.

Top Flies – Beauly Gunn, Cassley Shrimp, Kinermony Killer, Junction Gunn, Sunray Shadow.



Cumbria is an area most known for its wet summers and changeable weather. Recent weeks have been consistent with this reputation and have caused rivers to both rise and fall in quick succession. Trout fishermen lucky enough to go fishing when river systems are falling have enjoyed good sport with many anglers reporting catches of multiple fish. On a whole the Brown Trout fishing has been good. Feeding activity has been limited to early morning and late evenings, with day time sport limited to deep nymphing.

A variety of flies have proved successful this summer with a lot of smaller patterns doing well. In particular the Parachute Greenwell’s Glory, Griffiths Gnat and Olive or Black Klinkhammer’s have been effective. On top of this Emerging Caddis and Sedge imitations have taken a great proportion of fish caught, with hatches becoming prolific during the evening. The majority of fish that have been landed are in stunning condition and incredibly fat after spending a summer gorging on the plentiful fly life in the area. With a month and a half of the Brown Trout season left fish will look to gain as much weight as possible for the up and coming winter period. This should bring more consistent rises on our river systems and thus provide us fisherman with an opportunity to land a few more fish before the seasons out.