Walking Boots vs Stalking Boots

Walking boots and stalking boots do share many similarities, but for avid hunters/stalkers, or walkers investing in boots designed specifically for the purpose can offer several advantages. In this blog, we will delve into the key features of stalking and walking boots to help you decide which type might best suit your needs.

The Differences Between Walking Boots & Stalking Boots

Stalking boots are designed with durability as a top priority, ensuring your feet and ankles remain well-protected while traversing through dense vegetation like brambles, gorse, and heather. These boots are typically taller than walking boots, reaching heights of up to 12 inches. This added height provides extra coverage and support, guarding against potential scrapes and twists in rough terrain.

In contrast, walking boots are shorter, often just ankle height. While they offer similar levels of support and comfort to stalking boots, they may lack the added height and, in some cases, the robust leather outer construction. Despite this, walking boots still excel in providing comfort and stability for long walks on various landscapes, making them suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities.

Overall, both types of boots offer their own set of advantages, with stalking boots emphasising durability and protection, while walking boots prioritise versatility and comfort. Depending on the specific needs of your outdoor pursuits, you can choose the style that best suits your preferences and requirements.

Key Features of Walking Boots

Comfort and Cushioning

Walking boots are known for their generous cushioning and padding, providing comfort during long walks. They are designed to reduce fatigue and absorb impact, making them perfect for covering extensive terrain.


Constructed to withstand the demands of the trail, walking boots are often crafted from tough materials like leather or synthetic fabrics. They are built to resist abrasion, moisture, and rough surfaces, ensuring they last through many adventures.

Stability and Support

These boots offer excellent ankle support, crucial for navigating uneven landscapes safely. Whether you are on rocky paths or steep inclines, walking boots stabilise your ankles, reducing the risk of twists or sprains.


Solid traction is vital for maintaining stability on various surfaces. Walking boots typically feature robust rubber soles with deep treads, providing grip on wet rocks, loose gravel, and muddy trails.


While primarily designed for walking and hiking, walking boots are versatile enough for everyday wear. They are suitable for light outdoor activities, urban exploration, and travel adventures, making them a practical choice for many occasions.

Key Features of Stalking Boots


One of the primary considerations when stalking wildlife is minimising noise. Stalking boots are constructed to be as quiet as possible, with materials and designs engineered to reduce rustling and squeaking that could alert prey to your presence.


Certain stalking boots are available in camouflage patterns, aiding in blending with your surroundings during hunting or wildlife observation. This added stealth can greatly enhance your ability to approach skittish animals.


Many stalking boots feature waterproof membranes or treatments to keep your feet dry while traversing wet grass, marshes, or shallow streams. This feature is crucial for hunters who may need to spend hours or even days tracking game in various weather conditions.

Toe Protection

Stalking boots often have reinforced toes to protect against rocks, branches, and other obstacles encountered in the wild. This feature ensures your feet stay safe and comfortable during extended periods of outdoor activity.

Which do I need?

At John Norris, we have a selection of walking and stalking boots available to fulfil all outdoor needs. Here are some of our favourites:

Harkila Driven Hunt 2.0 Gtx 12in Boots

For chilly days and rugged hunts, look no further than the Harkila Driven Hunt 2.0 GTX 12in Boots. Crafted from durable 2.2 mm full-grain leather, these boots are both warm and hardwearing. With a Vibram® sole and waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX XL membrane, they ensure comfort and protection in challenging conditions. Their stiff Vibram® sole and tall design excel in rough terrain. To enhance their longevity and waterproofing, we highly recommend pairing these boots with Grangers G-Wax.



Harkila Saxnäs Gtx 7in Boots

Crafted from superb high-quality leather, the Harkila Saxnäs GTX 7in Boots are perfect for mountain trekking and hunting on rugged surfaces. Despite their leather build, they are surprisingly lightweight and exceptionally comfortable, thanks to their stiff sole providing necessary support on uneven ground. Featuring a field-tested, waterproof GORE-TEX membrane, these boots are designed and manufactured in Europe. To prolong their life and enhance their waterproofing, we highly recommend using Grangers G-Wax with these boots.


Harkila Saxnäs Gtx 7in Boots

Hoggs of Fife Glencoe Boots

The Hoggs of Fife Glencoe Boots are designed to endure the demands of a long day in the Highlands while being fully waterproof and breathable. Packed with technical features, they offer exceptional comfort and style, making them perfect for both rugged Highland terrain and casual strolls through local fields.

Hoggs Of Fife Aonach Ii 10in Waterproof Field Boots

The Hoggs of Fife Aonach Field Boots are top-of-the-line shooting boots, fully waterproof and featuring an H-Tex membrane for outstanding protection and breathability. Constructed with the finest Anfibio leathers for durability, these boots also feature a rubber rand in high abrasion areas for added protection. The Vibram Bifida sole ensures excellent grip on tough terrain, regardless of temperature. For all-day comfort, these boots come with a memory foam insole on top of a shock-absorbing midsole. With this combination of durability, protection, and comfort, the Aonach Field Boots are ideal for long days in the field.


Hoggs Of Fife Aonach Ii 10in Waterproof Field Boots

Jack Pyke Hunters Boots

The Jack Pyke Hunters Boots are your go-to footwear for any outdoor adventure. Crafted from full grain leather and featuring a padded tongue and heel, they offer exceptional comfort. With 200gms Thinsulate insulation, your feet stay warm without adding extra weight to the boots. Plus, the Hydroguard membrane ensures they stay waterproof and breathable, drawing moisture away from your feet.

Combat odours with the anti-microbial treatment, keeping your feet fresh even during long days. With high ankle support and Vibram trek high-grip rubber soles, these boots are suitable for any terrain, providing stability and traction wherever you roam.



Hoggs Of Fife Torridon Waterproof Trek Shoes

Designed for traversing the moorlands, the Hoggs of Fife Torridon Trek Shoes offer sturdiness, waterproofing, and breathability in one package. Constructed with high-quality leather, these shoes provide the durability and protection needed for outdoor walks. They offer more freedom of movement around the ankle while still providing support and protection. Plus, they are so comfortable you will want to wear them every day!


Hoggs Of Fife Torridon Waterproof Trek Shoes

Whether you're exploring scenic trails or stalking wildlife, selecting the right boots is crucial. By understanding the differences between walking and stalking boots and considering your specific needs and activities, you can ensure your feet stay comfortable and supported throughout your outdoor pursuits.