Special Offer Fishing Rod Outfits Available from John Norris of Penrith

Every year we like to spend time searching out the best deals and offers we can and put together a number of Fishing Rod Outfits that suit our customers needs whether they are new to fishing or not. Our collections of Fishing Rod Outfits include Salmon Rod Outfits, Atlantic Outfits, Stillwater and Reservoir Fly Fishing Outfits and much more.  We include a Fly Rod, Fly Reel and Fly lines with our outfits as standard and sometimes include bags, nets and other accessories we feel would benefit our customers and help get them out on the water’s edge at an affordable cost.   One of our most popular Fishing Rod Outfit is the Greys GR50 Stillwater and Reservoir Fly Fishing Outfit currently priced at £204.99 - £209.99. These outfits are specifically designed for the UK’s Stillwaters and reservoirs and features:  
  • Greys GR50 4 Piece Fly Rod
  • Choice of Greys GX500 4/5/6 or 6/7/8 Fly Reel + 2 Spare Spools
  • John Norris Evo Twin Colour Floating Fly Line
  • John Norris Pro2 Clear Intermediate Fly Line
  • John Norris Pro2 Sink Tip Fly Line
  • Backing and Loops Fitted
  Another of our best selling Fishing Rod Outfits is the John Norris Atlantic Outfits priced from £279.99 - £319.99. These outfits have been put together by the John Norris fishing team and have been created to cover every imaginable salmon fishing situation. This outfit includes:  
  • John Norris Atlantic Salmon Rod
  • Snowbee Stealth Reel Featuring Disc Drag
  • John Norris Atlantic Fly Lines to Cover all Salmon Fishing Conditions and Challenges
    The last Fishing Rod Outfit we would like to feature is our Shakespeare Sigma Complete Brook and Stream Fly Fishing Outfit currently on offer for £119.99 reduced from £237.89! These outfits have been designed to offer the fly fisher everything you need to get started or looking to try something new. Included in these outfits is:  
  • Shakespeare Sigma 4 Piece Fly Rod with Tube
  • Snowbee Classic Fly Reel
  • John Norris Evo Twin Coloured Floating Fly Line to Match
  • Shakespeare Glider Pocket Bag
  • Shakespeare Glider Scoop Net
  • Snowbee Easy-Vue Fly Box + 60 Flies
  • 10 x John Norris Pro2 Tapered Leaders
  • Loon Fly Floatant and Sinkant
  • John Norris Snips, Zinger and Forceps
  • Backing and Loops Fitted