How to calm dogs on Bonfire Night

Start preparing well ahead of Bonfire night, this will ease your personal stress and help your pet get used to the environment before the distracting fireworks are here. Setting up a quiet, cosy and secure area in your home, away from any windows, loud noises and glaring lights is best. This spot can act as a ‘safe haven’ for your pup in case they want to hide or rest – browse our high-quality dog beds today.

Additionally, some owners find that desensitisation works well, gradually introducing your dog to recorded firework sounds at low volume and over time, increasing the volume to help your pet get accustomed to the sounds.


Keep your pets indoors

This step is key when it comes to the Bonfire Night weekend – make sure that all dog walks are completed by mid-afternoon to avoid any firework sets starting, and ensure that any outdoor pets such as cats are safe inside throughout the weekend and the day of.

Some areas may start Bonfire celebrations before 5th November, therefore, it's wise to keep an eye out for any community announcements or social media posts about arranged firework sets during the start of November, to know exactly when to keep your pets indoors.

It’s also extremely important to have your pet microchipped – this should be done regardless of Bonfire Night, however, as animals may get spooked by unannounced fireworks, it is super important that in the unlikely event your pet goes missing, they will be returned to you via microchip.

Ensure your home is safe

Fireworks can be extremely triggering for animals due to their extra-sensitive hearing, so setting up your home in a way that is safe and quiet during Bonfire Night will ease their stress and anxiety, creating a more pleasant night for the whole household.

Firstly and like previously mentioned, ensure that your pet has a safe space within your home – include a blanket with their scent on it, make sure there aren’t any flashing lights nearby or triggering items.

Using white noise or calming music can be a great way of blocking out the loud noises caused by fireworks – using an at-home speaker and leaving it on throughout the duration of the night or when you’re not home can calm your pet down and make them feel safe.

Chewing toys and treats can act as a reward for your pet and Bonfire Night will be a good time to shower your pet with love and reassurance. Place their favourite treats and toys around your home, and within their safe space too.

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Consult your vet

If your dog generally suffers from anxiety or has symptoms of high-stress levels such as – rapid breathing, pacing back and forth, licking their lips, dilated pupils or red eyes and pacing back and forth, it’s best to give your vet a ring and ask them for advice.

In severe cases of stress and anxiety, vets may prescribe mild sedatives to ensure the stress your pooch is enduring isn’t harming their health.

If you’re worried, we advise talking to your vet as soon as possible, allowing time to put together a plan that will ease your mind and your pet's behaviour.

 dog in bed

Bonfire Night can be stressful to many pets and pet owners so, preparing in advance, making a safe place for your pets, ensuring they’re kept inside and entertaining them with good quality dog toys and treats is key.

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We hope you and your pets have a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night experience!