Fly Fishing Lines Advice

The sort of fly fishing line you use might just be the most important factor when you're fishing. Your fishing rod needs to be the right length for you and your environment, and your fishing reel should work smoothly and allow you to focus on catching fish, but it's your line that will load you fly rod and make casting easier. Getting the right line therefore, is important. Here at John Norris we've got the leading brands of fly fishing lines, including, Sage, Cortland, Hardy, Greys, Guideline, Scientific Anglers and Shakespeare, Scott Mackenzie and Snowbee. With lines available from under £10 to over £100, there's plenty to choose from. A floating fly line is ideal for those new to fishing, as it's easy to cast. It’s also the line you will use more than any other. It's a good type of line to use when fishing in shallow waters too. We'd recommend John Norris Pro 2 for Trout Fishers and the John Norris Evolution Spey for Salmon Fishers as first line and a Rio Gold for Trout and the Rio AFS shooting head for those more experienced anglers fishing. An intermediate fly line will slowly sink which makes it perfect for using in shallower waters where the fish are not feeding on the surface. It’s also useful in fast flowing waters too, so that your fly is kept under water for longer than when using a floating fly line. We'd recommend the Cortland clear camo for Trout Fisher and the Guideline Power Taper shooting heads for the Salmon Fisher. Some types of lines will sink immediately, whereas others will slink more slowly, depending on the model of line used. Sinking lines are ideal when you're fishing in very deep waters like lakes and reservoirs or fast flowing rivers to get your fly down. We'd recommend the Scientific Anglers Professional full sinking lines for Trout Fishers, and the Guideline Triple-D Density shooting heads for the Salmon Fisher. No matter what sort of fishing line you need, you'll find what you're looking for here at John Norris.