General Fishing Tips And Advice

Here at John Norris we go fishing as often as we can, and love it as much as you do. We know what makes good fishing tackle, what works, and what sort of things just aren't up to the job. We've put together some tips and advice, so that you can get the most out of each and every fishing trip, whether it's a holiday, or an afternoon. We'd recommend that you wear sunglasses with polarised lenses to protect your eyes when you’re fishing. As well as making sure that your eyes are shielded from the sun, they'll help you to see better in varying conditions, and will also mean that you don’t ever get a hook in your eye. With sunglasses from £15 to over £150, there's bound to be a pair for you, wherever and whenever you fish. You can't put a price on your vision, so if you're going to be spending a lot of your time fishing, you'll want to make sure that your sunglasses are suitable. We stock Costa Del Mar, Snowbee, Flying Fisherman and Cocoons, and there are plenty of styles and lens colours to choose from. Costa Del Mar 580P Sunglasses are the best on the market for spotting fish and protecting your eyes also Cocoons are great if you wear glasses as they will fit over them. If you enjoy fishing, then you'll definitely want to get a pair of Waders sooner rather than later, so that you're not worried about getting wet, and won't need to worry about losing your footing when you're on the bank. We stock Simms, Guideline, Greys, Snowbee, Ocean and Vision. Our favourites are the Simms G3 Gore-Tex waders as they are the most Breathable and durable, also, the Greys G-Series waders as they are the best value. A fishing vest is a really good idea, so that you can take everything with you when you go into the water. You won't need to worry about leaving your phone or your keys on the bank, or having to go back to get your sunglasses or something you need. Our favourite is the Guideline GL Fly Vest. A decent fishing bag will keep your fishing tackle, and everything else you need with you, in one place, so that you don’t have to spend ages looking for it, and know that by picking up your fishing bag, you've got exactly what you need. Why not have a look at the Sage DXL Kit bag or the Wychwood Boatman bag and see which one's right for you? The right sort of fishing clothing will keep you warm and dry, and so means that you can concentrate on the fish, and not your cold fingers. With everything from jackets and trousers, to hats, socks, gloves, fleeces and shirts, you'll find everything you need to stay warm when you're out for the day. Barbour, Simms, Hardy, Greys, Guideline and Snowbee are always popular, and it's easy to see why.