Top Tips To Consider Before Buying Your Boots

The most popular wellington boot John Norris stocks is the Hunter Balmoral Neo which is excellent in the Winter keeping feet both warm and dry, however, in the Summer these boots maybe a little too warm so an alternative to consider would be the Hunter Bamboo Carbon, which has a wicking effect helping the feet feel more comfortable year round and the extra investment may give you a better year round boot, so before you make your purchase consider the Seasons your boots are likely to be worn. Aigle and Le Chameau are two other suppliers of good quality boots to John Norris offering an Outlast Carbon lining being the equivalent to the Hunter Bamboo Carbon. From Aigle there is the Aigle Parcours Outlast Vario Boots and from Le Chameau there is the Le Chameau Veganord Evolution Boots. John Norris also considers the fly fisherman and stocks the Le Chameau All Tracks Boot which has no gusset on which to catch the line. If you prefer a leather boot then the Dubarry boots which are fully waterproof would the choice for you, these boots are not only practical but stylish and can be worn, in the countryside or town having the added advantage of you not needing to change footwear even if you have spent the day in the countryside and go on to spend your evening in the pub. John Norris stock the very popular Dubarry Galway boots which is a unisex boot. Also stocked by John Norris is the Le Chameau and Harkila walking boots, these are both designed to be worn all day and are equally good sellers but those with weak ankles may want to consider purchasing a boot which gives the ankles more support, the Harkila GTX 12” or the Le Chameau Mouflon Plus would do this. Of course you may just want a pair of boots to walk the dog or perhaps do your gardening in John Norris also caters for your needs and would suggest the Seeland boot which offers excellent quality at a reasonable price.