How to keep dogs cool in summer: Cooling mats & more

Hot weather can impact not only you but also your dogs – it’s important to implement ways of keeping your pets cool during hot summer days into your daily routine. Whether it’s inside your house or during their outdoor walks, dogs should be kept cool at all times.

Here are our top tips when it comes to keeping your pooch cool, and also our bestselling products here at John Norris

 Rosewood Chillax Cool Soak Ball Dog Toy

Walking dogs in hot weather

We understand your dogs need daily exercise, for both your sanity and theirs, however, you must limit your dog walking to the early morning and late evening when the air is coolest and there’s plenty of shade. This will lessen the risk of heatstroke for your pet and will ensure that the temperature isn’t too much for them to handle. If the evening still holds substantial warmth, bring a cooling dog toy – the Rosewood Chillax Cool Soax Ball is a great alternative to your usual dog toy during the hot weather.

Meanwhile, check the temperature of the tarmac on the roads - do not walk your dog on the road if the tarmac is too hot to touch. Hot tarmac could burn your dog’s paws and cause serious health issues. If in doubt, keep walks to a minimum in length and time – or during the hottest days, you can opt for an indoor play session.

Rosewood Chillax Cool Dog Bone - 5.5in

Keeping your dog hydrated

Keeping dogs hydrated during the hottest days is one of the most important factors to avoiding heatstroke or other health complications caused by extreme heat. Although supplying your pooch with plety of water bowls is a great idea – they may need some extra hydration. This can be in the form of cooling dog bones such as the Rosewood Chillax Cool Dog Bone – soak the dog bone in water and freeze overnight, for a great cooling product.

If you do venture out for your walk, take a bowl or bottle of water. Even light exercise in the shade can cause dogs to overheat, so it’s important you’ve got something for your dog to drink. Try our handy HENRY WAG DOG TRAVEL BOWL - these bowls have a clip for easy attachment to belt or bag.

Rosewood Chillax Cool Pad - Large

Dog cooling mats

Dogs don’t sweat like we do, so it’s harder for them to regulate their body temperature. Help them out by giving them something cold to lie on, like a damp towel or a mat. Wet towels with cool (not freezing) water can be placed over the body (not on their head) or used for lying on.

However, we recommend that you purchase a cooling pad, perfect for everyday use in the summer months and can be used in pet beds, crates, kennels or car travel. The Rosewood Chillax Cool Pads are activated by weight or pressure, with no electricity or water required – cooler for up to 3-4 hours of constant use, then automatically re-charges itself.

Sings of heatstroke in dogs

Any dog can suffer from overheating, but large, overweight, short-nosed and elderly dogs are at a much higher risk. If you think your dog might be suffering from heatstroke or dehydration, contact a vet immediately. Here are some warning signs to look out for…

Heatstroke symptoms: Excessive panting, Glazed eyes, Drooling, Rapid heart rate, Fever, Dizziness or confusion, Lethargy or loss of consciousness, Convulsions, Vomiting or diarrhoea.

Dehydration symptoms: Loss of appetite, Reduced energy levels, Excessive panting, Dry nose and gums, Sunken, dry-looking eyes, Weakness, Loss of skin elasticity.r

We love meeting new four-legged friends!

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