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Guideline 3D+ Power Taper Shooting Head


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Adapting to modern demands and based on Guidelines ground breaking tapers this new range of revolutionary sinking shooting heads combine three densities of the line incorporating smooth, continuous transitions between each of the sink rates. Pre-looped and ”Ready-To-Go”, these lines will provide true 3D performance, both in terms of sink rates and unequalled casting/fishing performance.
The 3D+ lines are built around Direct Contact low stretch cores with only 6% stretch. All lines have attractive, new colour combinations and are fitted with both colour-coded sleeves and ID printing in the back ends for easy identification. Produced from environmentally friendly materials featuring strong Polyurethane coatings.


The Hover/Intermediate density in the first two-thirds of this line will position your fly just below the surface. The floating back portion of the line helps to control fly speed as well as making mending and lift-off a lot easier than with a line that is fully submerged in the water.

Sink Rate 2IPS


The Float/Hover/Sink2 line covers a very important level of water, just a little deeper than the Float/Hover/Intermediate line while still offering the option to work the floating back part of the line nicely, to control your fly angle and speed through the water.

Sink Rate 3IPS


The faster sinking front section helps the line achieve greater depth. The floating rear section increases line speed making your fly fish faster. Proved to be a great fish catcher during the testing season 2016.

Sink rate 5IPS


Due to the buoyant Hover back end, this line lets you fish your flies in the mid-water column with full control of the speed throughout the swing. The elevated back end will ensure that you can fish your fly to the dangle without annoying mid-line snags as the current speed drops during the end of the swing.

Sink Rate 6IPS


Possibly the most popular density in the Triple D-range. A favourite, both for great casting performance, as for the way this line fishes in the water. Offers you that feeling of hitting a depth-zone that puts the fly within perfect reach of an aggressive Salmon or Steelhead in many varied pool structures.

Sink Rate


A new and very interesting densitycombination with a more aggressive sinking profile than the INT/S2/S4 line. This line is very effective when you fish rivers with deeper holding lies in medium to slower water. The intermediate back half of the line will keep the speed up and make it easy to pull up for the next cast. It also helps eliminating snags in the later part of the drift to, due to the steeper sinking angle of the line.

Sink Rate



Fishing harder, stronger flowing rivers or deeper sections of the river? This line will do the job and get the fly down that bit extra in a medium deep pool. It has also proven itself to be easy to cast, both for accuracy and distance. Should be one of your main lines in the shooting head wallet.

Sink Rate


Heading into the deep water, the unique Triple Density construction of this line brings the front right down to the fish, while the back end balances nicely and makes it easier manage during cast, fishing and the lift-off from the water. Also partly eliminates snags in the later part of the swing due to the steep sinking angle of the line. One of the coolest sinking lines of all times.

Sink Rate



This is line manufacturing at its best! The slim profile combined with the high density will make this baby sink like a brick. With similar features to the above line, it sinks with a good angle and takes your front down first. It is still manageable to cast, due to the unique taper and balance of the S5/S8 portion in the line.

Sink Rate

Brand: Guideline