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Airflo Polyleaders 14ft Salmon

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Airflo Polyleaders are durable, have low memory and a built in shock absorption. These revolutionary extra long leaders aid precision, accuracy and depth control and have super suppleness.

The Airflo Polyleaders come in a range of seven densities.

Length 14ft (4.3m)
J9185 - Floating
J9186 - Intermediate - Sinks 26sec/m, 1.5in/sec
J9187 - Slow Sink - Sinks 15sec/m, 2.6in/sec
J9188 - Fast Sink - Sinks 10sec/m, 3.9in/sec
J9189 - Super Fast Sink - Sinks 8sec/m, 4.9in/sec
J9190 - Ex Super Fast Sink - Sinks 6.5sec/m, 6.1in/sec
Brand: Airflo