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Sintrix is a unique material that uses carbon, resin and nano technology. Developed by Hardy, it incorporates silica nano spheres into their carbon fishing rods. These spheres surround each individual carbon fibre filament, making Hardy Sintrix rods some of the strongest and most durable on the market.

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Founded by two brothers in 1872, Hardy has become one of the most trusted fishing brands around. Fuelled by an unbeatable passion for fishing, Hardy are committed to pushing boundaries. So when they found that lightweight carbon rods were easy to break and prone to weakening, they decided to find something stronger.

Following two years of intense research and experiments, Hardy specialist engineers created Sintrix Technology. By resisting compression and pressure, the silica particles in Sintrix make the rods much stronger and less likely to break than the regular carbon rods. In fact, the rods using Sintrix are 60% stronger and 30% lighter than normal carbon rods, giving you the perfect combination of strength, power and accuracy.

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