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Christmas gifts for under £40! Are you in need of a Christmas gift fix? - there's no need to break the bank and here at John Norris, we'll help you find that special gift your your loved ones. Checkout these fantastic gift ideas - all for less than £40!

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Deluxe Leather Shooting Stick

Charles Buyers

£49.99 £39.99

50% OFF
Barbour Ladies Grasmoor Knit Sweater


£79.95 £39.95

Barbour Haydon Wallet and Belt Gift Set


£49.95 £38.99

10% OFF
Seeland Buckthorn Gaiters


£43.99 £38.99

Jack Pyke Technical Featherlite Trousers

Jack Pyke

£45.95 £38.99

Barbour Moresdale Tartan Scarf


£49.95 £38.99