David Smith

Just a quick note to show appreciation for two of your own brand products…and the member of your staff who sold them to me! Just before the end of our season, I had to purchase another trout rod as a spare. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it as it was only ever intended as a back-up. Specifically, my choice was your “own brand” 10ft P3 rod and matching sink-tip fly line. I called at the shop and viewed these and your staff member was kind enough to fit the line and backing onto my own reel (which I’d brought with me to check that the rod fitted the reel seat) at no extra cost…They are simply terrific and tremendous value. I cannot believe how good these things are at the price point you’re selling them! The rod has now become my first choice and my “good” rod has been relegated to the subs bench. Regards Mr David Smith