Top Fly Fishing Tips From Our Pro Team - Part 2

Part 2 of our 2015 fly fishing tips from our pro team and we answer the question which salmon rod type should you use. Which Salmon Rod Type? Choose a double handed fly rod when you need to lift longer lengths of line on medium to large rivers. This allows for easier control and mending of the line as it swings across the stream and using heavy sink tips and big flies. Most double handed rod ranges include models from 11’ through to 16’ feet, increasingly the trend is towards shorter lighter rods matched up with modern shooting heads or Skagit lines. Single handed and switch rods should be used on smaller rivers, lochs and in very low water conditions on larger rivers. Either the single handed or switch rods will allow for a more gentle presentation of the fly but still retain enough power to land a big salmon. Next week we'll explain what you should be looking for when buying a spinning rod.