Top Fly Fishing Tips From Our Pro Team - Part 1

We will be releasing a number of top fly fishing tips from our pro team over the next week or so. Today we're starting with how to choose the correct salmon line. Choosing the correct Salmon line Shooting Heads Advantages - Good for complete water coverage and using tips, easy to carry extra heads in a jacket pocket, suited to a range of casting styles & abilities. Disadvantages – Lots of running line has to be pulled in before recasting and mending line is more difficult. Skagit Advantages – The easiest casting of all Salmon lines as it has the shortest head length, this is also the best line to fish deep with heavy sink tip and big bulky flies. Disadvantages – Lots of running line must be retrieved and managed before recasting. Can be splashy and impair delicate presentation so avoid using in low clear water. Spey  Advantages - Perfect for those looking for a traditional feel in their casting and very easy to mend. The spey line also offers the best presentation. Disadvantages – The hardest line to master casting and not the best at turning over tips. More space behind is needed as you need to form a bigger D Loop. Tomorrow we explain which salmon rod type you should choose.