The Glorious 12th: The start of the grouse season

The Glorious Twelfth is a traditional date in the British sporting calendar, marking the start of the grouse shooting season. It is celebrated on the 12th of August each year, and is a time for shooting enthusiasts to gather on grouse moors across the UK.

There are a number of reasons why the Glorious Twelfth is so popular. Firstly, grouse shooting is a challenging and rewarding sport. The birds are fast and agile, and it takes a good shot to hit them. Secondly, grouse shooting is a social event. Shooting parties typically consist of friends and family, and it is a great opportunity to get together and enjoy the countryside. Thirdly, grouse shooting is a traditional British sport. It has been enjoyed by generations of shooters, and it is a part of our national heritage.

It is still recommended that you check with your destination’s Moorland manager if they are open for shooting, as some have delayed the start of their shooting season as a result of the late arrival of warmer weather. You will find however that these areas will stay open for longer towards the end of the season.

grouse in field

What is the Glorious Twelfth?

On the Glorious Twelfth, shooting parties gather on grouse moors across the UK. The moors have been carefully managed off-season to ensure that they provide an ideal habitat for grouse. The shooting parties typically consist of around 8-10 Guns, who are the people who do the shooting - they are supported by a team of beaters, who lead the grouse out of the heather so that the Guns can shoot them.

Grouse shooting is an extremely popular sport within the UK, therefore, the Glorious 12th marks a very important date for many interested in the sport.

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