The Glorious 12th is Here and Plans to Live up To Its Name

Shooting season is officially here again and with the recent weather, it looks like it is going to be the best we have had for a while.

In recent years we have been treated to sub zero temperatures along with heavy rain which has really affected the breeding activities and the survival chances of young grouse. This year however, although we got off to a slightly longer than normal chilly start, has been much better with a late spring and a heatwave. This warm weather has left the birds thriving and as a result we should see a much greater number of them on our shoots.

It is still recommended that you check with your destination’s Moorland manager if they are open for shooting, as some have delayed the start of their shooting season as a result of the late arrival of spring. You will find however that these areas will stay open for longer towards the end of the season.


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We also stock a large range of shooting accessories such as the Gunmark De-Luxe Boxed Cleaning Kit available in 12 and 20 gauges.

So, with the deer stalking and grouse seasons already upon us and partridge season just around the corner from the 1st September, now is the perfect time to get yourself prepared and ready to get out there and start shooting!