The Dogs of John Norris Part 3

Name(s): Milo Breed: Labrador Age: 1 Belong to: Claire Jewitt – Mail Order


About me: Milo…. Milo belongs to Claire who is part of the Mail Order telesales team. Milo is a typical Labrador and loves to be outdoors, he is very energetic and a family dog rather than a working dog, he is very loyal and loving and always wants to play. Unfortunately not long after getting Milo as a puppy, Claire discovered that he has early onset of hip dysplasia even though he had a KC hip score when purchased. Milo regularly attends hydrotherapy. He loves swimming and fetching sticks. Milo was Claire’s first dog, so she attended obedience classes to train her and Milo!!  She felt these were beneficial and gave her much more confidence.


Favourite Product: When out on walks Milo loves to play with his Fling Ball.  It is a fun way to exercise your dog without wearing yourself out. Fling it and fetch it - it's as simple as that!