Eden River & REDFA News – June 2015

REDFA Logo   The June 2015 newsletter from the River Eden & District Fisheries Association (REDFA) and covered within it is all the recent information and development on a range of issues including –   - 2014 Salmon Rod Catch - EA Stock Assessments and Net Limitation (NLO) review - 2015 Carcass Tagging and Conservation Measures - Solway Haaf Net Restrictions (English Side) - Annan Stake, Poke and Haaf Net Licensing - Spring 2015 Corby Counter Data - Junior Angling Event – Saturday 27th June - Avian Predation Management - Fish Stocks Monitoring Review - ERT Electro-Fishing  - Upper Catchment Juvenile Surveys - UU consultation to Vary Ullswater Drought Permit Order Conditions - Solway Tidal Lagoon Proposals - Lowther Show – 15th & 16th August   Here is a brief look at each of the issues listed above but you can download the full version of the REDFA June 2015 Newsletter here - June 2015 Eden & REDFA Newsletter  

2014 Salmon Rod Catch

Initial catch estimations of 460 fish turned out to be very close with the final EA declared rod angler returns being 451. Of these 355 were released which gave a 79% C&R rate. To compare this with the previous year’s figures, in 2013 there was a total rod catch of 634 fish of which 433 were released giving a 70% C&R. Steps are being taken by salmon anglers to fight a rear-guard action to help conserve stocks. Conservation measures and a tagging scheme are due to take place from 16th June to help move Eden’s release rate to 90% in the run up to the Net Limitation Order. To compare, here are some catch and return rates for other major English and Welsh rivers – Salmon: Derwent – 288 – 76% Eden – 451 – 79% Lune – 353 – 80% Ribble – 605 – 88% Tyne – 2682 – 74% Usk – 421 – 77% Wear – 995 – 76% Wye – 434 – 100%   Sea Trout: Dovey – 1682 – 78% Eden – 393 – 89% Lune – 2037 – 87% Ribble – 1676 – 89% Teifi – 2098 – 80% Towey – 1330 – 75% Wear – 1323 – 78%  

EA Stock Assessments and Net Limitation (NLO) review

Both the 2013 and 2014 rod returns for the river Eden, figures which the Environment Agency use to assess stocks have failed to meet the conservation limit for spawning stocks to maintain a self-sustaining number of egg depositions. Therefore, Natural England are reviewing the current measures in place and after further consultations, the EA will be submitting their recommendations on net licensing and Eden Byelaw changes to DEFRA for approval in summer 2016. The full EA communication that was sent in March 2015 to anglers and fisheries in the North West concerning failing stocks and their proposed measures can be downloaded here - EA Measures to Improve Salmon Stocks March 2015  

2015 Carcass Tagging and Conservation Measures

The River Eden Conservation Measures and Carcass Tagging Scheme gets under way from 16th June. More information can be found at www.edenfishing.co.uk and they do not override National salmon or River Eden Byelaws. Tags are available here in the John Norris of Penrith shop or from the Tourist Information centre in Carlisle. The tagging coordinator is Nigel Austin and can be contacted by email to nigel.austin@live.co.uk or telephone – 07708 281957  

Solway Haaf Net Restrictions (English Side)

Due to conservation measure by the EA, the season limit of 10 fish per haaf net licence holder has been reduced to 3 fish per licensee for the 2015 salmon season. No restrictions are being applied to sea trout.  

Annan Stake, Poke and Haaf Net Licenses

The Annan stake nets in the Solway – River Eden channel will not be licensed this year after pressure from the Salmon & Trout Association, Fish Legal and representations from a number of fisheries including REDFA.  

Spring 2015 Corby Counter Data

The Environment Agency Corby data to the end of March 2015 has been released. The data has not been validated and doesn’t distinguish species but includes movements of salmon, sea trout, sea lamprey and more. There was a fault at the counter between early July 2014 and mid-October 2014 so no data was recorded for this period.  You can download a table of the data by clicking here. EA Corby Weir Counts 2000 to 2015  

Junior Angling Event – Saturday 27th June

Following on from last year’s success REDFA is coordinating another junior event with AAA, PAA, KSDAA and is sponsored by ourselves John Norris of Penrith. The event is run by Borderlines of Carlisle who provide excellent instruction to budding young anglers. Full details can be found in the flyer below.

Junior Angling Event


Avian Predation Management

As part of the newly launched Area Catchment Pilot Scheme for Avian Predators, REDFA resumed its twice yearly bird counts following concerns over increasing numbers of cormorant and goosander populations which could be impacting fish stocks. These figures would help to provide evidence to support a range of measures (non-lethal and shooting) to protect fisheries for the licensing period September 2014 to 15th May 2015. Figures are as follows –  






15th March 2015






30th Nov 2014






16th March 2014






7th March 2004          (For Comparison)







Fish Stock Monitoring Review

As per the Eden Fisheries Plan, a review of existing programmes and collected data is underway to agree how all parties can contribute and combine to use what are going to be stretched resources.


ERT Electro Fishing – Upper Catchment Surveys

The 2013/2014 survey data has now been compiled and summary findings produced in report form. These will be available on the ERT website later this year.


United Utilities Consultation to Vary the Ullswater Drought Permit Order

United Utilities are looking to vary the conditions that apply during the existing Permit Order Licensing periods. The reasons for this are firstly so that water can be drawn down at the Gale Bay intake during Drought Permit Order periods, and secondly they would like to suspend the 45,633 Ml limit in any 12 months period after Permit Orders are exercised.

REDFA is involved in the consultation process with the EA to review what impact these changes would have on the environment and habitats.


Solway Tidal Lagoon – Off Workington to Allonby Shoreline

REDFA is to attend a presentation by Tidal Lagoon Power about the proposed scheme which could have a major impact on the River Derwent and other rivers feeding into the Solway. Many other bodies will be present including national angling bodies and environmental groups. Planning approval for the Swansea Tidal Lagoon was received on 10th June and more details on the scheme will be available after the presentation on 29th July.


Lowther Show – 15th & 16th August

The fishing island events will incorporate a wider range of activities on the lake this year along with a wide range of exhibitor stands.

If anyone has any fresh ideas for the event or would like to take some space to showcase their work/skills, or even help stewarding the events then please contact the secretary or Chris Bowman at chritopher.bowman@talktalk.net or by telephone on 01228 674519


If anyone would like to contact REDFA with any interesting angling news or concerns then please contact either:

Mike Ashwin      Secretary & Vice Chair   oneoffdesignandbuild@hotmail.com    Tel: 01768 879047

Paul Davidson    Chairman                             paullou23@icloud.com

Adrian Brown    Vice Chair                            adrianbrown884@hotmail.com