The Dogs of John Norris Part 2

Name(s): Alfie and Rosie Breed: Cocker Spaniel Age: 2½ and 10 years Belong to: James and Kate Norris


About the dogs: Alfie and Rosie are with James whenever he goes shooting or fishing. They often spend the afternoon watching James and Kate catching Trout and sometimes a Salmon on the rivers in the Eden Valley. Both Alfie and Rosie love being outdoors! Cockers have so much energy even after a 10 mile walk they want more!!! Alfie had his first full season picking up last year and he was amazing, James says “I was most impressed with his 400 yard retrieve this year after a runner”. Alfie is a big smiler – When he smiles he shows his teeth and pulls a funny face… It’s hilarious. Rosie likes to constantly tap on the drawer where her ball is hidden until she goes out to play. Rosie is a great swimmer…total water baby! When you throw the stick for her, she brings it back making the funniest pig snorting sound. Favourite Product(s): James explains that the there are two dog products that he just couldn’t be without and those are… The Seeland Transporter Boxes - Lightweight and very comfortable for the dogs and look smart. You can fit two spaniel size boxes in the back of a 4x4 with enough room for the rest of your shooting or fishing gear. Dog Road Refresher Non Spill Water Bowl (As seen on Dragons Den) – Does exactly what it says on the tin! Ideal for long journeys.