Greys CT and CTX Waders - Product Review by John Norris Pro Team – David Garfoot

David Garfoot

Greys CT and CTX Waders

2015 sees the launch of the new Greys Strata Wader range, with the bar already set at a high standard due to the success of the previous G Series and GRXI models, these new waders have a lot to live up to.   Greys have re-invented their new  CT and CTX waders to compete with the more advanced and up to date designs on the market at the moment.  This has been mainly achieved through the introduction of the Climatex fabric.   Greys CT Strata Wading boot deal FACEBOOKClimatex is highly waterproof and breathable fabric, which is manufactured in 3, 4 and 5 layer designs.  This extra layering, in comparison to previous models will offer greater durability and only help increase the life span of such a wader.   The current wader deals available from John Norris on the Greys CT and CTX are - buy the waders and get a free pair of boots. Each pair of wading boots come with the added extra of a packet of studs ready for you to fit.   Greys CT Waders and Boots - MRP £249.99 John Norris Price £169.99. Greys CTX Waders and Boots - MRP £309.98 John Norris Price £209.99   Greys CTx Strata Wading boot deal FACEBOOKThe CT waders and boots offer excellent quality and design at an affordable price, with a durable breathable waterproof 3 layer fabric.   The CTX boots have the addition of a slightly better design, offering great support around the ankle and the soles of the boots are glued and stitched.  The stand out feature of the CTX wading boots is that you have the option to get either felt or rubber soles (at no additional cost!).   The CTX Waders are more durable as they have 4Layer and 5Layer fabric to re-inforce the lower legs to help prevent punctures and rips, pocket enhancements to the front and an optional wading belt for your comfort and safety.