New Opportunities For Trout Fishers

The long term vision of a number of River Trusts has opened up many miles of hitherto inaccessible water to fishers. Although the grass may not be mown or the trees carefully trimmed, these new fisheries offer truly wild fishing where previously there was non. Generally the new waters are on a tributary of the main river and are fishable for as little as £5-10 per day. The plan is referred to as the Passport or Voucher scheme. You purchase a booklet of vouchers, often from a local tackle shop, and you leave one or two tickets in the small box by the fishing. There is no prior booking. If you go to your selected stretch and there is another car in the parking space you know the beat is being fished and you depart to your second choice. In most peoples experience this rarely happens which shows that you usually get your first choice. The landowner gets part of the money from the River Trust, so it gives them a small income but, most importantly, it emphasises the value of their resource. Voucher schemes operate on the Wye, Usk, Eden,Tyne and the most recent addition is the Trent. Vouchers are useable on all and everyone of the Passport scheme waters. Just a thought Why not drop a line to your local River Trust suggesting that it would be a sound idea (helping the Landowners and Farmers) if the also had a passport scheme for their area rivers and streams. Good fishing Barrie Welham Special Ambassador Wild Trout Trust