Do Not Dismiss Small Still Waters

Fishing the big open waters of a reservoir is exciting as well as breath taking. Casting into such a big area makes one feel somewhat insignificant and this is true whether you are fishing from a boat or wading from the bank. But the rewards are high. The fish are in great condition and fight very hard. But there is also a downside. Adverse weather can make a day on a reservoir very tough. If you are off advancing years you may find a full day of casting into a gale force wind more than you can cope with. But there is an alternative - small waters! Yes - they are often very artificial and can also be some what twee, but they can offer good sport. Sometimes the small waters are somewhat overstocked and often you can cover every inch of the water, but you can lay down your own rules to make the fishing more difficult and also more stimulating. You might decide to fish only with a floating line, or with only small imitive pattern flies and no big lures. You might even limit yourself to just dry flies once you have got the first brace. You can even make a personnel rule not to stick in a known hot-spot and to move after every fish caught. If the water is clear you might decide to stalk fish, so giving yourself the opportunity to select particular fish or fish of a particular large size. All these 'self inflicted' rules, are designed to spread your sport over a longer day rather than catching your limit within a few hours. You also get the added buzz of probable having fished in an altogether different way to the other rods fishing alongside you. Small waters give the older or less fit angler’ the chance to fish. They are also great starting grounds for newcomers who are still learning to cast. You can also make good catches despite your lack of knowledge about fishing flies and fly life. Also you can often find a good still water fishery close to your home, without the need for a long drive. Do not dismiss small water just because they are 'put and take'. Set your own rules to make it as difficult as you want - then enjoy the day, coupled with a good picnic, and have a good fish to take home. Good fishing Barrie Welham Field Sports Ambassador The Orvis Company