Keep Your Dogs Safe

Increasing numbers of Gundogs and dogs are being stolen, this really hit home for us as we know how much you love your animals and we wanted to offer some pointers to help to keep your dog safe.

 -       Always microchip your dog in case they have just wandered off -       Always ensure you know where your dog is -       Avoid leaving you dog in the car at any time, especially when at country fairs and on shoot days (Dogs can die in hot cars so another reason) -       Tighten up security if you have a dog kennel, and make your garden as secure as possible -       Leaving dogs in the house or utility where possible is far safer than a kennel -       Don’t let your dog off the lead in unfamiliar surroundings -       Make sure you have good quality photographs of your dog from all angles -       Most thefts take place during the day so be extra vigilant -       If your dog goes missing or gets stolen, ensure you get widespread publicity via social media, we have seen lots of happy outcomes -       Post details of stolen/missing dogs on the various websites in your area and further afield