Beat Hay Fever This Seasons with Our Useful Tips

There is nothing worse than being out on the river bank fishing or enjoying a walk with your dog during the summer months and the dreaded hay fever strikes. John and James Norris both suffer from hay fever and they have shared their top tips to combat hay fever this season:   Sunglasses – A must have for fishing, you will look good, wraparound glasses provide a barrier between your itchy eyes and pollen. View our range here -   Vaseline – Rub a little spot of Vaseline around the inside tip of your nose, this can stop the pollen in its tracks   Honey – Must be locally produced Honey to your area. The bee pollen in honey can desensitise your body to other pollens   Wash your dog – After being out with your dog/s rinse them down as the pollen can get attached to their coat       Vitamin C – Take plenty of vitamin C in tablet form or Orange juice, as this is a natural antihistamine     Garlic – Eat plenty of Garlic. You may not be popular at home but it helps. Intake of garlic can help boost your body’s immune system while also acting as a decongestant and helping to alleviate minor hay fever symptoms. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and a good source of quercetin, a natural antihistamine   Have a wash – Taking a shower when you get in can clean off any pollen that may have attached to you