Join the Ure Salmon Trust for a Free Day of Salmon Fishing on the Bolton Water of the River Ure

The Ure Salmon Trust are currently offering anyone who joins before midnight on Sunday the 10th August, one days free salmon fishing on the legendary ‘Bolton Water’ on the River Ure in North Yorkshire. The Ure Salmon Trust The Ure Salmon Trust was established to help increase the numbers of migratory fish such as salmon, seat trout and Lamprey present in the River Ure system. The Trust works in partnership with DEFRA, the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency and is supported by all the principal riparian owners along the Ure. Some of the projects they undertake include extensive habitat improvement work to the main river and its main tributaries such as Bishopdale Beck and the River Cover. Other projects include a smolt release programme on the River Burn near Masham to mitigate for the loss of spawning and nursery areas lost through the development of local reservoirs. Membership By becoming a member of the Ure Salmon Trust you will receive a spring, summer and autumn newsletter as well as receiving access to the “Fish Alert” system via email. You will also be helping towards ensuring that continued work and future projects are possible to further improve the river and its migratory fish population. What’s on Offer? One day’s salmon fishing on the Bolton Water of the River Ure. This is a fantastic opportunity to fish on the river that produced the two largest salmon caught on rod and line in England and Wales during 2012. Remember, this offer is only available up until midnight on Sunday the 10th of August so be sure not to miss out. More details on this offer can be found on their Facebook page, or to sign up now, go to this page on their website and follow the member ship instructions –