BBC Countryfile Poll Great News For Shooting Community

Recently BBC countryfile programme featured game shooting. The show mentioned a new study that has shown the sport creates thousands of jobs across the UK, generating £2 billion for the economy every year as well as being beneficial for British wildlife. Countryfile’s Tom Heap spoke to Richard Ali from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), who believes that shooting is a sport that deserves more recognition as part of country life in Britain. Here at John Norris we couldn’t agree more. We’re glad that the BBC chose to feature shooting in an unbiased and factual way, which may have helped to educate many British people who might have previously seen the sport in a negative light. Shooting is an important and popular part of British country culture, as well as playing a large part in conserving wildlife. By setting aside and maintaining areas of farmland and countryside to provide food and shelter for game birds, animals and other wild British species, wildlife biodiversity is conserved for future generations to enjoy. After the BBC feature, Countryfile asked its viewers to complete an online poll on their view of shooting as a sport. The poll asked people, ‘does shooting do more good than harm to Britain’s wildlife?’, and we’re thrilled to report that the poll shows resounding support in favour of shooting. 84% of people (almost 38000 people) voted Yes. With fewer than 7,000 (15%) voting no, the poll shows that British people believe that shooting does more good than harm to British wildlife.