Guideline Fly Fishing Bundle Prize Draw

Your chance to win a Guideline Fly Fishing Bundle.

This month's prize is worth nearly £500 and comprises - A Guideline Elevation Single Handed Fly Fishing Rod, a Guideline Favo Fly Reel and a Guideline Fario Elite Floating Fly - the size of the Reel and Line will match the size of the rod you select.

Guideline Fly Fishing Bundle


The best fly rod at this price point ever to hit the market, lightweight, super well balanced with a crisp effortless action. An absolute dream to fish with.

Elevation Rods utilises the very latest in material and pattern technology, as well as featuring several more environmentally friendly components, these rods are revolutionary.

The journey towards more sustainable products at Guideline and this Rod series will show the way for future rod production. The new rod blank development process eliminates any unnecessary material in each section. It also gives the possibility to monitor power in every part of the blank much more accurately than before. These rods are extremely light and responsive (9’ #5 is 72g/ 2,53oz), and yet the strongest standard rods Guideline have created.


These High Tech Guideline Favo fly reels are inspired by the design elements in Guideline's Fario and Vosso reels. They have given each reel slightly individual features to best suit it’s purpose of use and to make it match nicely with the rods it is suited for.

Part of the design is unique and can only be achieved by using a die casting method where reels are produced from high precision tooling and then CNC finished before being coated with the final finish. The drag system is smooth, precise and based on a well proven drag system. Normal care and maintenance is required when using the reels in salt water. Remember to wash thoroughly in fresh water after every use.

There are 3 models available and they will fit rods from #4 up to 10/11. The 7/9 and 8/10 models have a rim cage to stabilise the frame and prevent thin Shooting Lines from getting caught between frame and spool.
The 810 also features extra X-truss supports and has a double 5-spoke pattern both on the spool and the frame. The retrieve direction on the reels is easy to alter and only takes a couple of minutes.

The Favo range has a Dark Gunmetal semi matte finish on the frame and spool, with black knobs and details. There are two orange metal plates with GL snake logo on the drag- and spool release knobs. Reels are delivered in a nylon reel case.


Guideline Fario Elite suits anglers of all levels seeking the most versatile combination of different types of casts, lengths and fishing spots. These
lines handle fishing with dry flies, nymphs and smaller streamers with ease.

With a taper profile similar to the Fario Tactical line, but with an extended head length it fits right in between that line and the longer head on the Fario Distance line and lets you aerialize more line than with the Fario Tactical. This makes it a superb all-round tool. It performs excellently with all kinds of water born casts and in addition, it has brilliant balance and accuracy for exact presentations in mid- to long-range situations.