Fly Tying Tips

At John Norris, we benefit from a wealth of experience in all aspects of fishing. We pass on some of this knowledge and experience to you in the form of these fly tying tips. Getting Started If you are keen to start fly tying, one of the easiest fishing flies to start with is a North Country Spider, such as Partridge and Orange or a Snipe and Purple, but be careful not to overdress, 2 turns of Hackle only. We suggest you buy your own vice such as the Lazzerri Morsetto Omega and then use a Veniards Premier Fly Tying kit which will give some good basic materials to get going. Salmon Fly Tying If you are tying Salmon Flies and using a non compressing winging material such as a Squirrel Tail, a drop of superglue at the base of the wing will make the fly more robust. Hackled Wet Fly Tying When tying any Hackled Wet Fly a couple of turns of Peacock Herl behind the hackle will make the Hackle stand up and create a Thorax. Dry Fly Tying When dressing a Dry Fly or the body of a hopper try palmering the body with CDC so that when fishing with Fluorocarbon you can sink the leader and your fly will bob back to the surface. If you’d like to share your own fishing tackle hints and tips, we’d love to hear from you. Why not email us at: