Fishing Tackle Tips

Here at John Norris, we are constantly looking to improve and develop our website, to provide an interesting and worthwhile resource for fishing enthusiasts. With this in mind, we have used our decades of experience and knowledge to give you the following fishing tackle hints and tips, to help you to make the most of your fishing experience. Fishing tackle tip: Fill in warranty cards After purchasing new fishing rods, always return your warranty card so that the manufacturer knows who you are and can look after your fishing rod if it is faulty. Fishing tackle tip: Watch your fly line When Salmon Fishing, do not strike immediately but keep a loop of fly line in your hand and allow the Fish to take the loop then lift the rod this will then set the hook and give you a better chance of landing the fish. Fishing tackle tip: Take proper care of carbon fibre fishing rods When a carbon fibre fishing rod jams it is tempting to loosen the joints with WD 40. This is one of the biggest mistakes you could make as this will have an adhesive effect on the carbon fibre. Fishing tackle tip: Let your waders breathe Gore-tex and Breathable waders should be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees using Grangers wash in cleaner at least twice a season to stop the membrane clogging up with dirt and sweat. If you’d like to share your own fishing tackle hints and tips, we’d love to hear from you. Why not email us at: