Vision Slim Fly Boxes

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The Vision Slim series Fly Box's are extremely thin and will store more nymphs and small flies than you'll ever need for a days fly fishing. Made of tough, flexible ABS for durability which is transparent for quick and easy fly selection, all lined with pre slit foam. Several of these boxes will take up no more room than that of a traditional box yet allow you to hold a larger selection of your go to fly's. There is also a special box with a magnetic base to prevent the flies/hooks from dropping out. Each box is transparent and decorated on the reverse side with a special fish camo print.

Code / Size

V101 / Slim Small / MRP £4.99

V102 / Slim Medium / MRP £5.99

V103 / Slim Large / MRP £6.99

V104 / Slim Magnet / MRP £5.99

V111 / Slim Magnum (12 Row) / MRP £21.99

V112 / Slim Magnum (18 Row) / MRP £21.99

Brand: Vision
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