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John Norris Atlantic Integrated Shooting Head Hover Intermediate

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The John Norris Atlantic fly lines are designed from tip to taper to cover all Salmon fishing conditions and challenges. A revolutionary design that allows great loop stability and turnover, it also enables your rod to load at close range and deliver perfect presentation. Extended rear taper and larger diameter running line gives you maximum line control, both in the air and on the water.

Atlantic shooting heads are a long tapered, Scandinavian design that produces tight loops and long effortless casts. They are the very best line design for presentation. The rear weight distribution and long front tapers make this line easy to cast and allows energy to unroll effortlessly to the fly. The line is built on a supple core that will not tangle.


  • Twin colour for finding the perfect loading point
  • Unique coating supple and memory free
  • Advanced tapering on individual line densities to enable perfect presentation
  • Supplied with 2 braided loops
  • Overall length 120ft
Brand: John Norris