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House of Paws Tweed and Water Resistant Pet Cushion Mattress

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House of Paws tweed water resistant cushion made with a waterproof and soft tweed fabric for a classic yet practical dog bed. Featuring one side with the waterproof fabric and one side with the soft checked grey tweed, this design ensures you can pick the style of bed that suits the weather by simply turning the bed over! The muted grey check makes this bed the perfect, modern addition to your home.

Code HP982


S/M Terrier/Small Spaniel- 80cm x 57cm

L/XL Large Spaniel/Labrador - 107cm x 72cm


  • The cover is fully removable by brass buttons, making them perfect for keeping clean.
  • Inner cushion is also water resistant and channelled tick allowing less movement of filling.
  • Filling can also be accessed by zip and therefore refilled as and when required.
  • Tweed is black and grey and water resistant side is black.
Brand: House Of Paws