Abu Garcia Tobys

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The Abu Garcia Toby is one of the worlds best spoons for fishing for Salmon, Trout and Bass. he Toby is a narrow spoon-type bait valued for both deep and shallow presentations. When retrieved with rod tip high the Toby wobbles and thrashes along the surface causing fish from below to rise to the occasion. Drop the rod tip and the bait has an erratic motion that mimics a baitfish that can’t decide which way to swim. Slow the retrieve and the Toby drops even deeper. Fished vertically, the Toby can be jigged up and down with a motion that is sure to result in a strike.

Colours: Blue/Silver Red Spots, Black/Olive Glitter, Black/Pink Glitter, Copper, Gold/Green Red Spots, Mackerel, Orange/Gold, Silver/Blue, Silver Blue Glitter, Silver, White, Zebra

Sizes: 7g, 10g, 12g, 15g, 18g, 20g, 28g, 40g, 60g.


Brand: Abu Garcia
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