Nano-Technology Fly Fishing Rods

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Sometimes, the best things come in the smallest packages. Welcome to the world of nanotechnology. Best-selling brands like Hardy, Guideline, Mackenzie and Airflo have started adopting this microscopic tech to revolutionise the world of fly fishing, creating super-slim and unbelievably strong fly fishing rods. These lightweight rods are essential for any angler that’s ready to take their fishing to the next level.

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These cutting-edge rods bond carbon fibres with nanospheres of resin, fusing together to create blanks with exceptional strength and performance. Perfect for fishing newbies and experts alike, these light, easy-to-carry rods is a great tool for long fishing days.

John Norris stock a range of nanotechnology fly fishing rods, with a variety of double and single-handed options to choose from. Each brand has their own take on nanotechnology, with exciting features and impressive strength to help you up your fishing game. Read less

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