Graphene Fly Fishing Rods

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Graphene – a form of carbon that’s 10 times stronger than steel – is revolutionising the world of fishing. By strengthening the rod’s blank and speeding up its recovery, graphene rods help improve your fishing performance with minimal effort required.

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Since its discovery in 2004, this Nobel-prize-winning material has been used in Formula One race cars and Nasa space shuttles. Due to its tightly-packed carbon atoms, graphene exists as a sheet only one atom think. Despite its two-dimensional properties, graphene is widely-regarded as the strongest material ever tested.

At the forefront of this carbon-composite revolution is space-shuttle engineer Gary Savage. After working with graphene while designing Formula One cars, Savage teamed up with world-champion angler Scott Mackenzie to create the world’s first graphene fishing rod. These double-handed fly rods combine Savage’s F1 engineering knowledge with Mackenzie’s passion for fishing, making it a game changer for both professional and newbie anglers.

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