What to Wear When Walking The Dog

If you’re walking the dog this winter, it can be difficult to motivate yourself. Cold weather, rain, ice and even snow can make the usually pleasant task seem like a chore. Here at John Norris we specialise in outdoor clothing, and our range of jackets, winter accessories and boots are just what you need to keep warm and dry on dog walks through the winter months. We’ve hand-picked some of the best clothing for dog walking – so there’s no excuse to spend your evenings sat on the sofa! The Jacket Most importantly you need a warm, waterproof jacket that will stand up to harsh weather conditions. Synthetic fibres simply don’t provide the same quality of warmth and protection as natural materials, so always opt for wool to keep warm in winter. The Harkila Torridon Jacket is made from 100% British Wool with a breathable Gore-Tex membrane, dirt repellent Teflon finish and nubuck leather reinforcements in exposed areas. This is a coat that is suitable for any outdoor activity which will stand up to the elements and last for years. For ladies the Seeland The Boots Your footwear is all important in winter. Wet, muddy, boggy conditions are not suitable for everyday footwear, and when dog walking it’s likely you’ll have some unpleasant ground to cover. Wellingtons are a must when walking your dog. Seeland Estate Boots are hand crafted using only the best materials to create durable, breathable and high quality footwear. The Estate boot is designed with Seeland Hunting Icetrek soles which give excellent grip in icy or snowy conditions. The Accessories If the cold is biting outside, you’ll need to wrap up any extremities to ensure you keep warm when walking your dog. Gloves like the Musto Evo Artec Fleece Gloves enable you to use your hands freely and are even designed so that you can use your smart phone without having to take them off.  Wear a warm hat when outdoors to keep your body heat from escaping. The Musto Fairisle Knit Beanie is made from soft lambs wool and has an attractive patterned design. For Man’s Best Friend Now that you’re wrapped up warm, ensure that your loyal pet is too. Whilst dogs do get their own winter coat through the cold months, if the weather outside is particularly cold it’s a good idea to invest in an extra layer for your pooch. A Barbour Waxed Dog Coat will provide a warm layer and keep your canine friend dry when venturing outside. Available in sizes from XSmall (suitable for a miniature Jack Russell) to XXLarge (Great Dane), Barbour dog coats will keep any pooch of any size warm and stylish this winter! Whether you’re walking your dog in the wild countryside or on busy roads, a lead is a vital necessity. No matter how well trained your canine friend may be, when crossing roads or using certain footpaths it is essential that you use a dog lead. The John Norris Countryman Dog Slip Lead is a practical end effective lead for walking and when training your dog to heel. If your dog loves to run free off the lead in parks or stretches of countryside it can often be difficult to locate them. Invest in a Nite Ize Nite-Dawg Collar to prevent losing sight of your dog in the dark. The lightweight, weather resistant collar illuminates when turned on to keep your pet safely visible for up to 1000 feet in the dark.