Upper Eden Valley Junior Angling Event a Great Success

Young anglers from the Eden Valley had a great day out on the River Eden at Appleby on Saturday. There was a really good turnout with many being accompanied by their parents who also share an interest in fishing.


Borderlines of Carlisle ran the day providing AAPGAI instructors and guides taking groups as they learnt about Watercraft & Entomology, Roll & Overhead casting and river fly fishing. REDFA coordinated events and Appleby, Penrith and Kirkby Stephen AA`s supported and assisted instructors on the day. John Norris of Penrith backed the event with pre event publicity and additional funding.   It has been heartening to see so many positive comments back from the parents and that events like this can introduce youngsters into a lifetime of fishing experiences.   “Thanks very much for the event today. Daniel had a great time and learnt so much (as did I). I hope this becomes an annual event as it was great to see how many youngsters there were really enjoying their days fishing.   Kind regards, Neil and Daniel C.”   “Today I brought my 8 year old son Joshua to get an idea about fly fishing. I did not expect the level of knowledge that he would receive. You guys do a fantastic job, and he hasn't stopped talking about it from the moment we left, until he finally went to bed!! It's not often Josh takes part in an activity and then asks if he can do it again next weekend. Thank you and would you please pass on a huge thanks to all involved. Looks like I can start the art of fishing with fly once again and have an  enthusiastic son to use as an excuse.  Kind regards, Craig Y”