Top Fly Fishing Tips From Our Pro Team - Part 5

Today we are offering our thoughts on fishing techniques, specifically the best techniques to use when fishing for salmon. Salmon Fishing When salmon fishing there are many different techniques that can be practised to help induce a take. Changing the speed you fish the fly by either; casting at different angles, stripping the line, moving the rod tip up and down or back and forward can all be used at some point. A change in the way you fish is often all that’s needed to make your fly stand out from the rest and change a fishless day into a more productive one. The depth you fish the fly on certain days can be critical to your success. In low water try a full floating line, in a big water a fast sinking tip or head is better suited but this is not a hard and fast rule. If the setup you are using is not working it’s time for a change. For example in low water try a fast sinking tip or full intermediate head to achieve a greater depth. This will not only change how deep your fly fishes but also the speed and way it moves in the water. As well as this don’t be afraid in higher water to try a floating line. Salmon are curious creatures which will chase lures and travel a long way in order to take one.